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A Kory Wawanaca Volunteer’s Diary, July 2012

Veteran volunteers Lisa, George, and Dawn arrived from North Carolina almost without a hitch (some lost luggage). We, here at the Kory Wawanaca family were sad that our dear friend Frank was unable to come and assist in the staff retreat, especially since he was the mastermind behind all the cooking for the staff retreat.

We arrived in Tacachia on Tuesday and the staff left right after lunch for their annual retreat. For the following three days, we five volunteers and Carrie were responsible for the running of the home in its entirety. We spent our days walking or playing along the river and cooking special, American treats for the meals, and our evenings trying to wash and manage the children as much as possible until we finally coxed them to sleep. The kids certainly seemed to enjoy their weekend in the custody of their “extended family,” but were still thrilled when the moms returned for lunch on Friday.

The other six members of the Pine Forest/ Central UMC group arrived in Tacachia on Sunday the 15th. Over the next few days, we made very good progress on the laundry terraces and repainted almost the entire library. Of course, the blessings were found mostly in the interactions with the children and staff, and by the time we had to leave, everyone was wishing that we did not have to say goodbye.

Today was the excursion day. The group traveled to Tiwanaku under the brilliant guidance of Victor who will make sure that they leave well fed and well informed on Bolivian history. Hopefully they are well rested also because tomorrow is our last work-day, and we have a lot of concrete to be mixed.

(Additional Photos from this adventure can be found at our Facebook Site:



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